How it Works

You won't believe how straight forward it is

Simply register, connect to get paid and get trading!

Step 1

Register your business details, upload your logo and your favourite business images

Step 2

Setup and connect to your Stripe account to enable payments from the platform to go direct to your business bank account

Step 3

Set your preferences on times for appointments or upcoming events and describe any services or products you would like to sell

Step 4

You’re live! Ready to share your Topper link with all your social platforms to enable your customers to purchase from you with ease!

Additional Benefits

But wait there is more

The beauty of the platform is that you can edit and adjust images, pricing, products, services, events and subscriptions at any time without technical intervention!

Featured Listings

The joy of advertising your event on the platform means that fellow Topper business owners or their customers may like to attend, giving your event greater potential and visibility!

Business Data

Having all your business data in one place can transform the way you view and understand your business metrics! With Topper, look forward to becoming a pro overnight with access to full statistics at any time on any device!

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